As a writer, intent on growing this coming 2019 year, I want to challenge myself to post a writing prompt every single day this year. Along with this prompt, I challenge myself to write a few sentences for each prompt in the year 2019.
Let’s take it a month at a time, shall we?
Welcome to the January 2019 31-Day Pledge.
As fellow writers of Writing Practitioners and WordPress, I invite you to pledge to participate in the posted daily writing prompts. Take up the challenge to write a few sentences in response to each posted Daily Writing Prompt. Have your words read by fellow writers, and engage in the conversations that excite you. Remember to stay calm and try on a different point of view with an open mind when you read fellow writers’ responses.
Come along with me on this January journey, and let’s see what’s possible.
All DWPs will be posted here through WordPress.
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RSVP unnecessary to participate, if you just want to take it a day at a time or if you want to join in on only the good prompts, for those who discovered this prompt pledge through WordPress.